Thursday, 6 December 2012

9 Lives of a Cat

Cats are very popular subjects for jewellery. Here are nine variations of what cats like to do best available at Little Bo's

 Starting from the top left hand corner and going clockwise:
1. Cats Dangling - These beautiful earrings are by St Justin and are beautifully engraved (Top Left)
2. Cat and Kitten - What can be cuter than a mother and baby brooch. (Top Middle)
3. Cat Head - The cat head pendant necklace is elegantly understated chic for cat lovers by Pure Origins. (Top Right)
4. Sleeping Cat - One of our favourite at Little Bo's and a best seller by St Justin. (Second Down Right)
5. Cats on the Moon - We love this dreamy Cats Sitting on the Moon by Celtic Lands. (Third Down Right)
6. Startled Cats - Boo! The black enamelled cats with their tails up in the air by Celtic Lands (Bottom Right)
7. Cat Duo - In the Mood for Love? Enamelled Cat Duo Earrings by Pure Origins (Bottom Middle)
8. Cat and Mouse - A playful cat and mouse crystal studded brooch (Bottom Left)
9. Happy Cat - A joyful happy smiling cat pendant by Pure Origins (Centre)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Double Dragons Lure Earrings

Now available as a pair of earrings, the ever popular Alchemy Gothic The Dragon's Lure Wrap Around Cuff Earring.   Originally designed to be worn on one ear, until recently Alchemy have only supplied this earring for the right hand side, but for a limited period, Alchemy are producing some left sided pieces.  At Little Bo's you can get the pair!  Don't worry if you already have the earring for the right ear side. We now also have the earring for the left side sold as a single earring too.
The Dragon's Lure -Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch’s familiar, this dragon, piercing through the ear lobe, tempts the wearer into acts of shameful depravity. Designed and Hand Made in England by Alchemy Carta.
Alchemy Gothic earrings are cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality components, and all come complete with surgical-steel posts.
The metal used in the manufacture of all Alchemy's pewter products is to BS5140 British Standard and are lead and nickel free.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Release from Alchemy - Kraken Wrap Earring

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest design from Alchemy Gothic at Little Bo's. 

Enveloped by overwhelmingly powerful and limber tentacles from the deep,  the Kraken Tentacle Wrap Earring is the stunning detailed new addition to Alchemy's range of cuff wrap earrings.  Designed and Handmade in England by Alchemy Carta.  All Alchemy earrings are cast and handmade in fine English Pewter, many with additional high quality components.  The English Pewter used by Alchemy is to British Standard BS5140.

Cuff wrap earrings are a bold fashion statement for those looking for something a little bit different and daring.