Thursday, 12 February 2015

Miracle Jewellery Revival

Little Bo's Boutique are proud to introduce a new collection of vintage style jewellery from Miracle Jewellery.

A Hill & Co started Miracle Jewellery in 1946 in Birmingham. The jewellery produced was known for its Celtic styles, incorporating many Irish and Scottish themes and motifs.
The pieces are made from pewter, and often plated with silver and gold, with crystal and other semi precious stones embedded into the designs.

In 2013, Miracle Jewellery was acquired by St Justin and production was moved to Cornwall and this British made collection is reviving designs with Scottish, Irish and Celtic origins.

The new collection has evolved from historic pieces as well as from the large library of designs accumulated over the years. Antiqued pewter, antiqued gold and chromium plated settings highlight the Bohemian glass faux agates, quartzes and rhinestones which are a key feature of the collection.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Alchemy Spring 2015 New Collection

We are back from viewing the latest collection by Alchemy Gothic. Want a preview?  Coming soon to Little Bo's Boutique

Highlights from the Alchemy Gothic collection include P703, Ice Queen.  If you loved the Empyrian Eye Tears From Heaven set, then the Ice Queen has a diamond shaped crystal centre piece surrounded by pewter wings and crystal dropper.  There is matching bangle for the Bacchanal Rose collection, a matching choker (P726) for the stunning blue crystal Dogaressa collection and a new ring (R202) to match the amazing Amon Ra pendant. And finally, with a nod to the Absinthe range, the new La Belle Esprit, P727 pendant, an intricately designed pewter feminine form surrounded by vine and leaf motifs and accented with green crystal and ribbon is the star of this season's collection.

There are two new urban additions to the UL13 and UL17 ranges with a Piston Head (ULP40) pendant for men and a new tattoo gun themed crystal accented pendant, Forever Inked (ULFP22) for the ladies.

For Steampunk fans, new arrivals in the Alchemy Empire range include the Ordium Coelestium Mechanicum pendant (P724), a beautifully crafted articulated piece and some dainty gear earrings, Industrilobe (E353).

Alchemy, hand-crafted and British Made Jewellery is designed for those interested and daring enough to be seen and singled out from the crowd in eloquent style! Little Bo's Boutique stocks a wide selection of Alchemy Jewellery, including their Alchemy Gothic, Alchemy Metalwear, Alchemy Empire, UL13 and UL17 ranges.